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Emailing Directions

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Clicking the "
Click here for email log in" link on the previous page will bring up this window.

1. Enter the Username and password you have been given in the Redbook when this window opens.
2. Decide whether you wish to remain signed in. That will keep the email page available without your needing to sign in again for this session.
3. Click the "Sign in" button.
You will be taken to a window that looks something like this.

4. Click the Contacts link in the navigation bar at left. The window will change as shown below.

5. It shows all contacts in the list. You will likely want to send a message to only some of them, so it has been broken down into sub groups. Suppose you wish to send a message to all members of our club having email. Click on the "Probus Total Email List" group. The window changes again.

6.Now the list only contains the names of our members. Select the All link above list of names. This activates every name.

7. Your next step is to click the Email link in the white area at right under the quantity of contacts selected. That opens the message window with every one of the 117 names and email addresses in the
To: box. It is inconsiderate to send a message to such a crowd, as anyone wishing to print your message would have a first page of nothing but addresses, and if your computer happened to contain a certain virus it could expose everyone to that infection.  [The addresses have been altered in the illustration below to protect the members' privacy as this page is open to the public.  You will see the actual addresses when using this.]

8. For those reasons you will want to click on the Add Bcc link immediately below the To: box.
9. Then double click in the To: box to make all names active.

10. Cut the information from the
To: box and paste it into the Bcc: box, then add your subject and message.

11. Be sure to sign your message with your name, or no one will be able to tell who sent it without some forensic diligence.
12. If you want to receive personal replies to your message you must include your personal email address with instructions to send responses to that address. Otherwise anyone who just uses the reply button on the email received will have their message sent to the club's address.
13. Finally, click the "Send" button.

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