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April '11

Tuesday 29 March 2011

St. Mary's Strategic Plan & Community Impact

Susan Dusick


St Mary’s Hospital wanted to be accountable and measurable.  They wanted to create a culture of blamelessness that would make it easy for staff to report errors.

In 2010 they launched a new Vision and Mission.

Their Vision is “St. Mary’s will be the safest and most effective hospital in Canada characterized by innovation, compassion and respect.”

Their Mission is “To continue the healing ministry of Christ consistent with our Catholic traditions and values.”

To accomplish this St Mary’s established the following 4 Strategic Directions:

1.      Quality and Safety – We will provide safe, kind, effective and timely care in an environment of inquiry and learning.

2.      Patient and Family Centred Care – We will ensure that the patient and their family are the centre of everything we do, every encounter, every day.

3.      Our People – We will foster a positive and productive culture that engages our greatest resource – our staff, physicians and volunteers.

4.      Financial Stewardship – We will invest our resources to achieve our vision.

Some things St. Mary’s has been doing to make this happen are:

·         They have introduced a transformational way of doing business.

·         They are making use of Lean methodologies.

·         They are engaging their staff, physicians and volunteers.