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50/50 Draw:

First Prize: Mike Williams

Second Prize: David Horman

Mar. Attendance & Membership:

Members: 76 Guests: 0

Bell Ringers:

Ron Ridgeway – For attending the meeting the day after he a defibrillator implanted.

Wellness Report:

Paul Kett, the chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, requests your help.  If you know of a member, or a member's spouse, who is not well, please let him know, so that appropriate action can be taken - a phone call, card, or visit.  You can contact Paul at 519-725-4994, or email him at 

Special Interest Groups:

Information about each of the Special Interest Groups can be found on the club Website. The following is a list of the contacts for each group.

Book Club: Paul Van de Kamer 519-744-8329

Bridge Club: Don O'Bright 519-764826.

COMSIG (Computer) Group: Don Grant 519-570-3249

Financial Group: Karl Kaufman 519-888-6918

Outdoors Group: Dorian Hausman 519-578-0172

Supper Club: Jim Bowman  519-747-240


Book Club Announcement:

Black holes, super Novas, Quantum, photons, anti-matter etc. all in Neil Turok's book "The Universe Within" is our book-of -the month. We will be meeting at the home of Gord Coyne on Wednesday April 17th at 2:00 pm. to discuss this challenging volume. New members always welcome.

Special thanks to Don Grant who edited Pro Buzz last month in my absence. Vern Hall

Thanks to Dolf Bogad for this months photos.

Upcoming Events:

April 30, 2013 - 25th Anniversary Celebration

Our next regular meeting, Tues. April 30, will be a special gathering at Luther Village. Please plan to arrive before 9:30 am, pick up a coffee, name tag and move to your assigned table.

We are expecting 120 people for this event. There will a a short business meeting and the introduction of special guests. The remainder of the program will be 3 presentations highlighting the history and events of our club.

For your convenience, 5x8 cards will be placed on each table for questions to be delivered to the Master of Ceremonies. You are encouraged to get to know all members at your table and the bar opens at 11:30.

This whole morning has been planned as a fun event so come and enjoy yourself.

Lunch will be at 12 noon.

To park at Luther Village, enter off of Father David Bauer Drive and proceed past the buildings on the left.  At the far side of the buildings there is a lot with adequate room. It would be helpful to carpool with friends if you can.  You should enter by the door on the side of the building where you will have parked, not the main entrance.

If  you have not purchased a ticket in advance, please call Swain Van Camp(519-884-0505) immediately.


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