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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Mike Uniac


When I was born in London, Ontario, I was the first child of what became a family of 8.  I believe I lived in the most ideal of times – the 40’s and 50’s!  That environment permanently shaped and established my values and approach to life.


My brothers and I learned a lot from our father who was the original jack of all trades.  One time Dad decided a furnace should replace the wood and coal burning stoves so the first thing we had to do was dig a basement!  We all learned a lot about tackling any challenge you can imagine.

Initially I attended an all boy’s high 

school but in my second year, the high school became co-ed.  This provided lots of distraction but I did meet my own high school sweetheart in grade 12.  I spent 3 enjoyable years with the RCAF Reserve but missed out on a permanent air force career because of my eyesight.

After high school I joined the Bank of Commerce.  On my first day I showed up for work in London, only to discover I was supposed to be in Toronto.  I did get a transfer back to London a year and a half later and I married my high school sweetheart in 1956.  As an accountant’s assistant, I became aware of what very old men of 60 years were making and I decided to give 2 weeks notice and resign.


I had no idea what I would do but quickly landed a job with a finance company.  I spent 10 years with 2 finance companies and could write a book about my experiences but that is for another time.  By the mid 60’s the banks were getting into consumer credit in a big way.  They had trouble finding people experienced in the field.  As a result I joined the Bank of Nova Scotia in 1969.


My first assignment was to Hamilton so we located our family in Ancaster.  Our experience with the school system there was not great as they indicate our son was not capable of  the 5 year program and placed him in the 4 year program.  My next transfer was to Brantford where we encountered a wonderful school where expectations for students were high.  Our son rose to the occasion, was elected to the student council and completed grade 13 with flying colours.  He went to UWO,

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entered the priesthood 24 years ago and is currently our pastor at St. Louis Church in and maintain a family website.


In my banking career, I moved from consumer banking to commercial banking.  After several moves I was transferred to Kitchener in 1978.

My wife and I have had 30 plus enjoyable years in the KW area.  I took early retirement in the mid 90’s because of a ladder accident and we moved to our second home on the shores of Lake Huron north of Goderich.  We found we missed the city and all of its amenities so moved back to Waterloo 10 years ago.


Over the years I have been involved with Boy Scouts, PTA, K of C, Kiwanis and Rotary.  My wife and I also curl.  At retirement my wife made me promise to truly be retired and resign from all commitments.  Probus is my first venture back into an organization that offers fun and fellowship.


We do enjoy retirement immensely.  We spend 5 months in Florida and 7 months here.  We are able to see a lot of our 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  Besides genealogy, my other interests are boating, fishing, photography (especially birds) and wood carving.  My wife and I enjoy reasonably good health and we love to travel, especially cruising.


All in all, not a bad life … so far.

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