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February '10

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Kathy Loveys

Executive Director

Parents for Community Living

Parents for Community Living was conceived by a group of visionary parents of developmentally challenged individuals. It was incorporated in 1989, as a not-for profit charitable organization. The parents first gathered to seek out how to best meet the challenges of providing for these adults when they would be alone without parents and in need of a setting that promoted fullness of life.

With financial support and encouragement from local businesses, individuals and the Catholic community, they purchased their first home in Kitchener in 1988.

Today 4 men reside in that home. A second home, for 4 people, was purchased in 1992 with support from the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

In 1993 the program was expanded to include apartment living. Additional homes have been purchased over the years. As well the the services have been expanded to include respite services to provided much needed support for families. Support is provided to both adults and children.

In 1986 Parents for Community Living's dream was to create an atmosphere where developmentally challenged adults could grow in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and become valued member of our community.

The efforts and financial contributions of numerous friends, volunteers and parents have helped to make this dream a reality. Continued support from the community and individuals is critical to meet the need for additional home and expanded services, especially in the area of respite.

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