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3. Club News

  50/50 Draw

First Prize: Jack Doherty

Second Prize: Roger Green

Attendance & Membership Jan. Meeting:

Members: 92 Guests: 7

Bruce Hannah and Dave Shaffer were inducted. Dorian Hausman, John Wright and Ken O'Driscoll are to be inducted as new members at the February meeting. James Veitch has been proposed for membership. Please make your comments to John Williams at 519-579-6571.

Book Club

Lynn Matthews advises.The Book Club meets next on Wed. March 10th, at 2pm at Ron Hustwitt's home ; 580 Hallmark Drive, Waterloo. The book discussed will be, “Suite Française” by Irene Nemirovsky. It was written in the early years of WWII, just before the author was taken to a Concentration Camp where she died. Her manuscript was only discovered and published , to wide acclaim, a few years ago. Join us, you will be welcome.

Bell Ringer

• Andy McAuliffe for his spread in The Record

Bruce Hannah
 Veterans Affairs

Gord Ferguson announced his discovery that a new charter for veterans of WWII and the Korean war is now in force. Among other things it will fund house cleaning, window cleaning, hearing aids, chiropractic services, prescription drugs, lawn care and snow removal. All within certain limits.

Veterans are advised have their regimental number at hand and to call DVA at 1-866-522-2212 or Gord Ferguson at 519-884-5584 for further information.

Wellness Report

• Mike Williams attended Jan. Meeting – still undergoing cancer treatment

• Ken Jessop recovering from knee replacement – would like friends to phone (519-885-7030)

• Gerrie Smith being treated for Prostate Cancer

• Sel Sangster recovering from heart issues

• Don Godden still recovering

• Norm Heywood recovering from heart attack – would appreciate calls. (519-888-9756)

Dave Shaffer

We regret to advise the death of

Norm Dougall

8 February 2010

Editors' Notes

Dolf Bogad contributed  the great photography for this issue.

Duty Roster, February Meeting

Introduction: Gord Ferguson

Thanker: Jim Bowman

K/W Probus Member Survey

Thanks to all of those Probians who completed and returned their surveys.  There’s lots of information with which to plan future events.

Here is a summary of the results:

  • 75 surveys returned

  • Max. of 2 extra events

  • Spring more popular than fall

  • Event cost $75 - $125

  • Bus preferred

  • Matinee/lunch preferred

  • Most popular outing a plant tour

  • Some interest in overnight trips

As a result we are investigating a Spring outing and a Sept. trip to Niagara Wineries.  Stay tuned for more details.


There will be a working dog at the February meeting.

Members are requested NOT to pat the dog.

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