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February '13

Being a “Not for Profit Org.” Board Member

Tupper Cawsey

Tupper Cawsey, Professor Emeritus at WLU, is one of our members.  You can catch Tupper’s “Who Am I? at the February meeting!

Tupper’s presentation was based on 30+ years of studying and researching organizational issues as well as his membership on several Boards.

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The main reason people serve on Boards is to make a contribution and serve the mission of the organization.  Being on a Board means lots of reading; lots of committees; and lots of meetings!  Often there is little direct sense of contribution or making a difference.

The Theme of Tupper’s presentation was – To be an effective Board member one needs to develop new ways to think of board work and de-emphasize the fiduciary side.

There are 3 Leadership Modes for a Board:

·         Fiduciary – the bedrock of governance

·         Strategic –  competing for the future

·         Generative – making sense of the organizations    mission

All three of these are important but the Fiduciary aspect can be overemphasized.  If you are on a Board make every effort to move beyond the Fiduciary and consider Strategic and Generative questions and issues.

The following is a link to Tupper’s complete PowerPoint Presentation.