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January '13

Tuesday 27 Nov. 2012

The Klondike

Don Grant

(Special thanks to Don for preparing this article for this issue of Probuzz. - Vern Hall)

When Don and Gwen visited the Yukon in 2007, he was impressed by how much of the history of the hundred and ten year old gold rush was still visibly evident. On returning to KW he began to read what he could find about the Klondike, and searched online for more. Don discovered some five hundred old photographs in a University of Washington collection, which became the basis for his presentation of 270 selected slides.

We've changed our layout for Page One to provide space for a reduced online presentation of 60 slides of that original presentation. Unfortunately, the slides move too rapidly for most captions to be read. If you slide your cursor to the bottom of the picture, then click the stop stop button, you may use the arrow keys to change slides as you wish. - Don Grant