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June '09

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Small Ship Cruises


Barbara has sailed on more than 60 cruises in her capacity as sales manager of Exclusive Tours, a tour wholesaler in Toronto. She prefers the intimacy and friendliness found on ships of a few hundred passengers compared to those with a few thousand.

She entertained us with slides of ports of call in Scandinavia and the Baltic with a side trip to St Petersburg, as well as river and canal cruises through European waters.


50/50 Draw

First prize was won by Paul Van de Kamer, second prize by Don Grant.

Attendance & Membership

There were 76 members and two guests at the May meeting. Doug MacKellar has deferred joining.
Doug Woodley [ Ron Hustwitt], and Henk Morsink [ Morris Fraser], have been approved for membership. Please make your comments to John Williams at 519-579-6571.

Book Club

Next meeting will be at 2 PM on Wednesday, June 24th at the home of Paul Van de Kamer.

Blyth Festival Daytrip

The June meeting will be your last chance to sign up for this event on Thusday, September 17th to see the play Innocence Lost: The Steven Truscott Story.  The cost is $75 per person, including lunch, performance, and bus. If you have ordered tickets be sure to bring your cheque to the June meeting. There are still about 20 tickets available, so if you have friends whom you’d like to bring along, contact Jim Bowman at 519-747-2401 or at jbbbowman@kw,

Car Rally

Jim Bowman, Ron Charie and Vern Hall, have laid out an interesting route for this popular event to be held October 6th. Mark your calendars now.

Membership Renewal

Treasurer Ken Rae advises that we are still awaiting payment from 45 members for the 2009-2010 membership year. Please bring your cheque and renewal form to the June meeting. As our year ends in July, you may prefer to post date your cheque to 1 Aug 2009 and mail it along with your renewal form to... 
Ken Rae
103 Norman Street
Waterloo  ON      N2L 1G8

Wellness Report

Ron Hustwitt advises that Don Samson, who has been in and out of hospital for several weeks is expected home this weekend.
Members are reminded to call Ron Hustwitt at 519-746-1282 to advise of any medical concerns or transportation difficulties prior to a meeting.

We regret to inform you

Two decisions by the City of Waterloo have impacted our meetings. Our rent at the Rec Centre is going up 23.5%. They are contracting out the coffee supply to meetings which would increase our annual costs for coffee by 63%. After much discussion at the recent management committee meeting, it was decided to continue meeting at the Rec Centre in our currently alloted space, and to maintain our annual membership fee of $50. As we are not allowed to operate at a deficit, this will be accomplished by ceasing to have coffee at our meetings, commencing in August. That eliminates a cost of $2100 per year. [ Coffee is available at the snack bar on the ground floor.]

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Who Am I?

Brian Hendley

I was born as the second of three sons to Bruce and Wynn Hendley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1939. Father spent two years in the US Navy in WWII was stationed in the Philippines and on his safe return home he worked for over forty years in the Recreation Department in Milwaukee. Mother was a secretary and a dedicated amateur artist. Although a foot shorter than my father, she ruled the roost, including me and my two brothers. Attended Catholic grade school, high school, and university in Milwaukee while living at home. After graduating from Marquette University in 1961, I had the urge to see the rest of the world.

First a year in Germany as a Fulbright fellow studying Philosophy and travelling throughout Europe. Then 4 years of graduate work at Yale on a Woodrow Wilson fellowship. There I married my wife and life partner, Margaret (1964), successfully completed my Ph.D. in Philosophy, and had twin sons in that order (1966). Moved the whole kit and caboodle, plus our dog, in our VW Beetle to Canada for my first job teaching Philosophy at the University of Waterloo. I accepted the job offer (turning down offers from better known universities such as Georgetown in Washington, D.C. and the University of Denver, much to the chagrin of my parents and in-laws).

I enjoyed living in Waterloo and teaching Philosophy at UW. The whole family (now three kids with a daughter born in 1970) spent a sabbatical year in London, England (1977). I eventually published two books and a sufficiently respectable number of scholarly articles so that I was promoted to Full Professor (1986). The administrative part of my brain then took over  and  I served as Associate Dean of Arts for Special Programs for two years,   Chair of the Philosophy Dept, for five years, and finally became Dean of Arts from 1991-1999. The position of Dean of Arts  was a complex and challenging assignment, trying to manage the largest Faculty at UW with 16 competitive departments (ranging from Accountancy to Sociology), nearly 200 faculty, over 80 staff, and several thousand undergrad and graduate students, deal with five other  powerful Deans, plus the heads of the four Church colleges, all in very difficult economic conditions. I enjoyed the battles to survive large budget cuts (15% of our ongoing budget over 8 years). Although times were tough, we escaped with no layoffs or closed programs in Arts. I can only wish that the current administration does as well in today’s financial crisis.

Besides keeping this ship afloat, it was also exciting to sail into some uncharted waters. I was proud to play an active part in launching new ventures like the Community and World Service co-op ( supporting Arts students doing work terms in the not for profit sector), creating an endowed chair in Jewish Studies (now nearing its tenth anniversary),and initiating a program of first-year seminars, to name a few. As Dean I travelled to Jerusalem to complete negotiations for an exchange program with Hebrew University and, as a philosopher I went twice to teach a course in Graz, Austria. I retired from UW after 39 years in 2006 (not bad for my first place of employment!) but continue to keep a hand in by serving on the Board of Governors at Renison University College and on a provincial committee that evaluates new graduate programs.

All in all, academics has served me very well as a career. My wife Margaret worked for 17 years as a librarian at the Kitchener Public Library and then joined the University of Waterloo Library for 10 more before retiring herself in 1999. We have three adult children: a son who is a free lance journalist in Toronto, a son with a PhD in History from the University of Toronto, who is a History Prof for SUNY (in Oneonta, NY). He is married to a librarian as well and they have two kids. Our daughter has a PhD in Psychology from Windsor and is currently on maternity leave with her third child. She is married to Joel Rubninoff, the Record columnist , and will return to her job at UW Counselling in a few months.

I still consider myself to be a work in progress. There are a lot of tasks that need to be done, books waiting to be read, places to be seen, problems to be sorted out, new friendships to be made, things to be shared with my kids, and my five grand kids. At the age of 70, I am blessed with having  a loving wife for the past 45 years,  good health (touch wood), most of my hair, good friends and family,  and, best of all,  a defined benefit pension plan. I enjoy volunteering at the St. John’s soup kitchen, participating in Church activities at St. John the Evangelist Anglican,  being on the Board of governors at Renison University College, joining groups like Probus, running the 50/50 draw. I’m convinced that the meaning of life comes from within, and that we get out of it what we put in to it. I look forward to continuing the adventure. Thanks for inviting me to share my life’s story so far.


Bill Trotter gave notice of motion that at the next general meeting of the Club on June 30th he will propose the following changes to the Bylaws:

Preamble:     Add the word current before the words “Standard Constitution” in the last line and delete the remainder of that line so that the last clause in the preamble reads
“.... .... providing that any changes are in harmony with the current Standard

Article III.1:    Add hyphens to the designation “Director at Large” in the third line so that it is corrected to read “Director-at-Large”.

Article III.4:    Add the words or his designate after the word  “President” in the first line so that the paragraph reads “The President or his designate shall preside at all Club and Management Committee Meetings.”

Article III.6:    Delete the word “the” at the end of the first line and add the words
“General Meetings and” at the beginning of the second line so that the first sentence reads “The 1st Vice President shall preside over General Meetings and Management Committee Meetings in the President’s absence.”

Article V.2:     Add the words upon the recommendation of the Management
Committee at the end of the last line so it is stipulated that Club General Meetings shall be held “at a location determined by the membership upon the recommendation of the Management Committee.”

Article V.4:    Add  commas and the words , published in the Pro Buzz bulletin, after the word “Secretary” in the second line so the that paragraph reads: “Any notice of motion shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary, published in the Pro Buzz bulletin, and shall be read at the General Meeting prior to the General Meeting at which it is to be considered.”

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