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June '11

Building New Hamburg

Marie Voisin

Marie’s interest in genealogy over the years spawned a new career for her after retirement as a teacher.  She traced family 


histories for people and compiled her husband’s and her family’s histories.  In 2006, she embarked on a small project of researching the life of William Scott, the founder of New Hamburg. She and her

husband were living in a house he had built. Her research carried on for 3 ½ years and also covered Scott’s extended family.  William Scott had immigrated to New Zealand with his entire family so the research included travelling there. The end result was a published book in October 2009. 

Her on-going research as well as discussions with others in the field has led her to conclude that recording your life history and that of your ancestors is a precious gift you can give to your descendants and indeed to the community. This does not mean it is necessary to become and researcher like Marie BUT it is important to leave more than money to your descendants.  Leave the stories you remember of you parents, grandparents and anyone else in the family. 

Record these stories.  Make an attempt to trace your ancestors.  Identify people in your photographs and those of other family members.

Leave a written legacy.  Record your own life history and that of your ancestors because it is a precious gift that you can give to you descendants and even you community.  Even what you consider to be a frivolous story could mean a lot to future generations.

Just imagine if your great grandparents had written down why, how and when they came to Canada with all the details of their journey?  Imagine how wonderful it would be if your grandfather had kept a journal for 50 years and you were able to get to know him through his writings.

Don’t leave things to chance.  Create a lasting memory for you descendants.