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50/50 Draw:

First Prize: John Williams

Second Prize: Dolf Bogad

Mar. Attendance & Membership:

Members: 78 Guests: 3

Introducer: Chuck Thompson

New Member:

David Carnahan has been proposed for membership. Please make your comments to John Williams at 519-579-6571

Thanker: Lynn Matthews

Wellness Report:

Paul Kett, the chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, requests your help.  If you know of a member, or a member's spouse, who is not well, please let him know, so that appropriate action can be taken - a phone call, card, or visit.  You can contact Paul at 519-725-4994, or email him at 

Special Interest Groups:

Information about each of the Special Interest Groups can be found on the club Website. The following is a a list of the contacts for each group.

Book Club: Paul Van de Kamer 519-744-8329

Bridge Club: Don O'Bright 519-764826.


COMSIG (Computer) Group: Don Grant 519-570-3249

Financial GroupKarl Kaufman 519-888-6918

Outdoors Group: Dorian Hausman 519-578-0172

Supper Club: Jim Bowman  519-747-2401

Book Club Announcement:

The book club is meeting at the home of Paul Van de Kamer at 11:30 on Thursday June 20th (note change in time and date) for a barbeque lunch followed by discussion of the book "Coventry". Newcomers always welcome. Regular members please let Paul know if you will be attending. This will be the last meeting until September.

Upcoming Events:

2013 Car Rally

Ken Macpherson & Don Nightingale advise that the 2013 Car Rally will be held on Tuesday, October 08, 2013.

2013 Christmas Luncheon

Mark the date for this popular event on your calendars. It will be held at the St. George's Hall on Wednesday Dec. 11, 2013.

Thanks to Dolf Bogad for this months pictures of our May meeting.

The Therapy Store – KidsAbility

The Therapy Store is now in operation. You will remember that our club donated $5000 to KidsAbility in recognition of our 25th Anniversary. The donation enabled them to set up The Therapy Store. Our money covered the cost of a display case, an initial stock of items and promotion of the new service. From this point on it will be self-supporting.

The store provide parents with quick access to simple adaptive devices for their children. In most cases these items are not expensive but are difficult or impossible to find in our community.

There was an excellent article about the store in The Record on June 7. Lisa Talbot did take a picture of Brian Hendley with Denise Watson, program manager at KidsAbility so here it is:

If you are interested in seeing it you are welcome to drop into KidsAbility.


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