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2. Who Am I?

Dick Trussler


My family roots are in this area. Because of my Dad's involvement in the war and my Mother's career as a nurse. I was raised by my grandmother who spoiled me.

I loved airplanes and joined the Air Cadets when I was 13.  If you worked hard and were lucky you were given the opportunity to obtain a private pilot’s license when you were 17.  I was lucky!  This reward still exists today so it’s a great way for a teenager to get a pilot’s license for free.

When I told my grandmother (who I already said spoiled me) that I wanted to obtain my pilot’s license and needed to do about 170 more hours of flying, she bought me an airplane.

I finished my high school education, my instrument flying training, ground school, and finally my commercial license in 1955.  I also became a float plane pilot.  I was quickly hired by a U.S. coal company with a private resort in northern Ont. for entertaining customers.  During the winter I flew larger passenger planes in the eastern U.S.

In 1958 I was hired by the owner of the Simplicity Washing Machine Co. in Hespeler.  He had an incredible summer estate in the north and needed someone to fly him to it.  It was during this period I met my wife Carol.  Carol’s mother worked for Austin Airways and she didn’t like the lawyer Carol was dating.  Carol’s mother introduced us and it was “love” at first flight.

In 1959 I developed heart problems and doctors advised me to find a new career.  I moved into sales with the Simplicity Washing Machine Co.  Carol and I were married in 1961 and our only daughter was born 2 years later.  We lived around Ontario until 1969 when I was promoted to a sales management position in Hespeler.  We have lived in Kitchener since then.  I looked after major accounts like Sears, Eatons and the Bay - 

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eventually managing 35 salesmen across Canada.  I  found this stressful and in June of 1976, I had a heart attack.  In Dec. of 1976 the VP Sales died of a heart attack. I was offered the position but declined. I decided I would return to field sales in 1978.

One of my accounts was Home Hardware.  I admired the company and its people and when the position of Buyer of Major Appliances and Floor Coverings became available, I applied for it and was hired by Walter Hatchborne.  I spent the next 19 years enjoying every day in my new career.

My dear wife Carol developed breast cancer in 1999 and I retired to spend all of time with her.  Carol passed away in 2007.

Our daughter Carol spent most of her adult years counseling emotionally and physically abused women in B.C. She returned to the KW area in 2008 and is working as a counselor for depressed and unemployed people.  She is also on the Editorial Board for the K.W. Record.

In 2009, I renewed my acquaintance with a girl I dated when were both 17.  She had recently lost her husband and son and was as sad and lonely as I was.  Although we hadn’t seen each other for 56 years, we soon became close friends and are now inseparable and living full lives one precious day at a time.

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