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March '13

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013

Chautauqua – What’s It All About?

Paul Kett

Paul and his wife Kathleen have been attending the Chautauqua Institution for the past fifteen years – a relatively short time compared to some.  But in that time they have come to appreciate and look forward to the variety of programming, challenging speakers, and relaxing nature of this one hundred and forty-year-old fixture on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in Western New York State.

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Paul took us on a virtual visit to the Institution using pictures, many of which were his own, of the grounds, buildings, and historical routes.  He traced the origins of the meeting place, described the present site, and gave an overview of the Chautauqua season, and of a typical day and week during the season.

Perhaps his enthusiasm will encourage some of our members to consider experiencing this wonderful haven dedicated to arts, education, religion and recreation.