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May '09

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009

Visitors from Outer Space

Don Grant

Don presented a slide show about meteor impacts and how they have influenced the economy, evolution, and geographic features of our planet.

He became interested in meteorite craters when he discovered he was living in one in Sudbury. At the time he moved there, it had been thought that the Sudbury basin was of volcanic origin, but  science evolved to the point where it became accepted as the second largest proven impact crater  on Earth.

It had been formed about 1.85 billion years ago when an asteroid larger than Mount Everest collided with Earth, vapourizing surface rocks, rupturing the Earth’s mantle, and creating the basin which today is a source of mining wealth that produces a billion dollars per year of valuable metals.

The third largest proven impact occurred in the Gulf of Mexico about 65 million years ago when dinosaurs and large lizards were the prevalent life forms on Earth. The resulting debris cloud blocked

sunlight for years, so that only smaller life forms survived and continued to evolve. Don pointed out that if that meteor had missed, we wouldn’t have been there watching his presentation!

He included some interesting strikes in modern times and explained how these craters were recognized.

Barringer Crater, Arizona

Clearwater Lakes, Quebec

He reassured us that scientists have identified 700 of an estimated 1,100 potential Earth killing asteroids, [more than 1 km in diameter], in the belt between Mars and Jupiter and concluded that none are likely to strike within the next hundred years.

Club News

50/50 Draw
First prize winner was Bryce Walker, second prize went to Jack Brown.
Attendance & Membership
There were 89 members and three guests at the April meeting. Doug MacKellar has been approved for membership and will be inducted shortly. Six prospective members are now on our wait list.

Book Club
Next meeting is on Wednesday May 27th. at 2pm at Paul Van de Kamer's home 27 Graystone Ave., Kitchener.New members are most welcome to attend this meeting and get to acquainted with your fellow Probians who enjoy sharing their ideas and enjoyment of interesting books. No formalities needed just come or call Lynn Matthews 519-579- 4035 for more information.

Blyth Festival, 17 September.

“Innocence Lost”
Tickets on sale at the May meeting. $75 per person, for lunch, theatre and transportation.  We have 29 persons registered to date.

Duty Roster, May Meeting
    Introduction: Gerry Minor
    Thanker: Ed Piwarek

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Who Am I?

George McDonald

My father's relatives arrived in Canada in 1832 and settled just north west of Barrie. My father was born in 1899 and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1923. He worked for Tamblyns Drug store which became a huge influence in our families life.
My mother's was born in Nelson B.C in 1901 .Her father was a businessman owning a number of drygood stores in Renfrew, Mattawa and Nelson. When silver was found in Colbalt in 1905 he moved to Haillebury and built a hotel and home. My mothers parents died in 1922 and the family moved to Toronto.
My mother met my father in Barrie and married him in1924. My parents moved to Beaverton in 1925 where my Dad opened a drug store. In 1930 he lost everything.  So it was on to Tamblyns in Toronto with 5 children in tow. My mother's aunt was Lillia Timmins,  wife of Noah Timmins who owned the Hollinger Mines. They provided money to keep our family going through the Great Depression.

In 1937 we moved to a farm 2 miles from Cookstown.  We were the only Catholic family in 10 square miles.  There were now 9 children and in 1940 my dad was back in Toronto working for Tamblyns. He suffered a major heart attack, so we moved back to the farm. In 1943 he was back working for Tamblyns in Barrie. In 1944 my mother died 
leaving 11 children with my oldest sister to run the household at age 18.

We moved to Midhurst in 1944.  I went to Barrie Collegiate, graduated from grade 13 and left home.

I went to Sudbury at 19 and worked underground at Levack for 2 years blasting and driving trolly cars to the ore pass. At my Dad’s funeral in 1949, my younger brother, a pilot in the RCAF, was home. I decided to join the RCAF and spent the next 24 years as a Navigator flying 12 different aircraft from C-47 to CF-100s

I met my wife in 1953 in Ottawa and we married in 1954. We have 3 boys and now 4 grandchildren. I retired in 1973 and went to North Bay.  I went to work for the Cooperators and spent 4 years in sales in North Bay and then moved to Guelph in 1978  to work in Head Office. In 1984 CIS and CIAG joined to become one company. My job was gone. I went back to sales at age 56 and worked until I was 62. A very successful period.

We moved to Waterloo in 1987 and retired here. I was a member of the Big Brothers in Guelph for 8 years and hopefully helped 2 boys in their lives. In Waterloo I am a member of St Michaels Parish. I am a member of St Vincent DePaul and was on the Board of Directors for a number of years.  I am also the social director for the Condo

I am enjoying life and hope to see 60 years of marriage. 

Club News

Membership Renewal
It's that time of year again! Dues are $50. Cheques payable to the PROBUS CLUB OF KITCHENER WATERLOO, may be post-dated to 1 August 2009. Please print and  complete the renewal form, and hand or mail it to Ken Rae.

Click here for the Renewal Form

Reminder to Members
The Management Committee wishes to remind all members that PROBUS is non-political, non-sectarian, and non-fundraising. This is enshrined in our constitution.
Accordingly, members are not to use our meetings, mailing list, email contact list, nor any other club venue as an aid for the promotion of  any political, sectarian, or charitable event of any sort.

Editors' Notes

We thank Ken MacPherson for the excellent photography at the April meeting.

Wellness Report

Ron Hustwitt advises there is nothing to report at present. Members are reminded to call him at 519-746-1282 to advise of any medical concerns or transportation difficulties prior to a meeting.