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November '11

Building a Culture of Quality and Patient Service

Sue Robertson

Grand River hospital has been concentrating on building a culture that is focused on Quality and Patient Service.

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A number of factors have been drivers of this focus.  They include:

  • Information

  • Public Reporting

  • Informed Consumers

  • Pay for Performance

  • Fiscal Challenges

There are 4 aspects of Quality at the hospital:

1.      Access to Care – includes wait times, occupancy rates and surgical cancellations

2.      Appropriateness of Care – includes average length of stay and re-admission rates

3.      Safety of Care – includes Hospital Standardized Mortality rates, Infection rates and falls

4.      Satisfaction with Care – includes patient satisfaction rates and complaints

The hospital has a lot of reporting on all of these areas - it uses this information to:

  • Implement Best Practices

  • Spotlight on specific patient groups. Eg. stroke management, geriatric care

This leads to improving the way they do things such as:

  • Creating LEAN process improvements

  • Increasing use of technology

  • Working with other hospitals and organizations

Grand River has developed ways to keep the spotlight on quality including:

  • Surgical safety checklist

  • Post-fall huddles

  • Multidisciplinary conferences – oncology

  • Senior leadership safety rounds

  • Board of Trustees – patient story

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