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Who Am I?

Colin Taylor

My parents were both born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada separately.  I was born in Toronto in 1932.  I attended Central Technical School from 1945 – 1950 and graduated in Architectural Drafting.

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My first job was working on the Toronto to Windsor highway.  We made maps from aerial photos and surveyors notes.  After this job I went to work with British American Oil Co. designing refineries but they decided to start contracting work out and closed the engineering department.  My third job was working at the C.G.E. electronic equipment department in Toronto.  I worked on equipment for the DEW line including the first printed circuits for TV’s.

I eventually left engineering and moved to North Bay where I taught at Widdified Secondary School for 19years.  I taught carpentry and Architectural drafting.  We would build a garage every fall and a prefab cottage or home during the year.


In January 1955 I married Marg Taylor.  I asked my boss for a transfer to a smaller town as we couldn’t afford a house in Toronto.  As a result I was transferred to Peterborough.  I worked on induction motors and then in the Atomic Power Department.  We designed the NPD2 reactor vessel for Chalk River and also the fueling machine – the first reactor that could be refueled without being shut down.

I worked with two Polish engineers.  One of them was in the cavalry when they were invaded by Germany and Russia.  They charged the tanks and were decimated.  He ran off into the forest but managed to get to England and joined the RAF.

Our children were all born in Peterborough. Glenn is a Chartered Accountant living in Milton; Robert is a Platoon Captain in the Barrie Fire Dept.; Lynn teaches handicapped children in Whitby; and Bruce is a Chemical Engineer who has his own company Enviro-Stewards in Elmira.  Bruce has been to Sudan 6 times building homes for orphans and filters for water.

Marg, my wife of 55 years, started u meals on wheels in North Bay.  She also did family counseling and was a swimming instructor.  She was also a staff associate at Trinity United for 18 years.

We moved to Waterloo in 2009 but kept our cottage in North Bay.

Special thanks to Colin for stepping in on short notice to do his Who Am I?

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