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50/50 Draw:

First Prize: Glen Machan

Second Prize: Vern Hall

Oct. Attendance & Membership:

Members: 100 Guests: 7

Bell Ringers:

Ken Macpherson and his wife Arleen on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Tom Jeary for the recognition he has received since publishing his Chipmunk book.

Nov. Duty Roster:

Introducer: Don Nightingale

Thanker: Ray Cloutier

New Members:

Please welcome our newest members, Bernie Freese, David Carnahan, and Bill Cunningham.

Steve Mazur has been proposed for
membership. Please make your
comments to Bob Schmidt at

Wellness Report:

If you know of a member who is
ill, please let Paul Kett (Health
and Wellness Chair) know so that
he can follow up appropriately.
You can contact him at 519-725-
4994 or

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Special Interest Groups:

Information about each of theSpecial Interest Groups can befound on the club Website. Thefollowing is a a list of the contactsfor each group.

Book Club: Paul Van de Kamer


Bridge Club: Don O'Bright 519-


COMSIG (Computer) Group:

Don Grant 519-570-3249

Financial Group: Karl

Kaufman 519-888-6918

Outdoors Group: Dorian

Hausman 519-578-0172

Supper Club: Jim Bowman


Book Club Announcement:

This month's Book Club will be held at the home of Swain Van Camp at 2:00 o'clock on Nov 20. Book under discussion is "419" a page turner by Will Ferguson.  All are welcome.

Tom Jeary – The Chipmunk Fall Fair:

At the October Meeting Tom provided us with a brief but interesting presentation on his new book. He demonstrated his creativity in taking the many very wonderful pictures of the chipmunk used in the book. Many members purchased the book for themselves or their grandchildren!

Upcoming Events:

2013 Christmas Luncheon

Tickets for the Christmas luncheon will be on sale at the November meeting.It will be held at the St. George'sHall on Wednesday Dec. 11, 2013.The price of the tickets is $36which includes a complimentaryglass of wine.

20 Year Recognition:

Two of our members were recognized by President Don for 20 years of membership in our club.

Andre Anderson

Dave Oille

Fall Colour Tour:

Pictures from the successful Fall Colour Tour can be found on page 4 as a slideshow.

Thanks to Dolf Bogad for

this months pictures of our

October meeting and Jim Bowman for the Fall Tour photos. Also thanks to Don Grant for his ongoing support

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