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October 26 Meeting

Please note that this months meeting is at the Waterloo Recreation Center at the corner of King and Allen Streets. It is expected parking may be a challenged so you are encouraged to car pool if at all possible.

50/50 Dr

First Prize: Al Chalmers

Second Prize: Mike Williams

Sep Attendance & Membership

Members: 95 Guests: 4

Joe Elliott has been proposed for membership. Please make your comments to John Williams and 519-579-6571.

Book Club:

No information available.

Duty Roster, Aug. Meeting

Introduction: Paul Van de Kamer

Thanker: Andy McAuliffe

Wellness Report:

Ron Hustwitt advises, no sickness this month. Contact Ron at 519-746-1282 to report any sickness you are aware of.

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Special Events

Wednesday, December 15

Christmas Luncheon:

11:30 AM – 3 PM St. George Banquet Hall, 665 King St. North, Waterloo Cost: $36 Members, spouses/guests.  Tickets will be available at the Oct. 26 meeting.

Research Participants Wanted

Erin Middlebrook and Karen Ma, Kinesiology students at the University of Waterloo will be commencing a study analyzing the effect of rotator cuff impingement on upper limb motion in an independently -living elderly population during activities of daily living. For this study they will be collecting motion data on 30 (15 with shoulder impingement and 15 with healthy shoulders) right-handed participants between the ages of 60 and 90 years while they perform simulated activities of daily living and range of motion tasks.

They are looking for participants to come into the university to participate. The study will take approximately an hour and a half to
complete and participants will be remunerated $40 and an additional $4 to cover the cost of parking.

If you are interested, please contact Erin at

2010 -2011 Management Committee

Front Row Left to Right: Andrew Beamish, Jack Brown, Jim Bowman, Ray Cloutier, Bill Trotter

Back Row Left to Right: Ray Millard, Matt Elliot, Don Blain, John Williams, Ron Hustwitt, Dolf Bogad, Bob Schmidt

Absent: Eric Broadhusrt, Vern Hall, Brian Hendley

Editor's Note:

Thanks to Ken Macpherson and Dolf Bogad for continuing to provide great photos of both the meetings and special events. Also thanks to Don Grant for supporting me as editor.

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