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October '11

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Remaining Independent

Chloe Hamilton

Warm Embrace Elder Care is owned by Chloe and her mother Brenda Hamilton.  Their goal is to assist seniors in remaining independent as long as possible.

The 5 main fears of seniors are:

1. Being placed and/or abandoned in a facility

2. Getting Alzheimer’s

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3. Running out of money

4. Losing independence and dignity

5. Crime

To maintain independence seniors need:

1. Nutritious Eating – can be achieved by:

· Ordering fresh food hampers

· Carpooling to market

· Cooking with friends

· Meal in Wheels

· Eating smaller, more frequent portions

2. Physical Exercise – the #1 prevention of dementia:

· Find a buddy to exercise with

· Join a local group

· Include resistance and balance training

· Start small eg. 10 minutes, 3Xdaily

· Walk and climb stairs

· Select activities you enjoy

3. Fall Prevention

· Eliminate falling hazards eg. Floor mats, items piled on the floor etc.

· Ensure sufficient lighting

· Have handrails and grab bars where necessary

· Maintain physical fitness

· Have eyesight and medication checked

  1. Medication Monitoring
  • Only have one pharmacist so one person is aware of all your medications and can assess how they may interact

· Have pharmacy put your medications in blister packs

· Follow doctor and pharmacy advise5. Mental Wellness

· Ensure you have social interactions

· Have a positive mindset

· Count your blessings

· Participate in activities you enjoy

· Modify activities to suit your current abilities

· Relax your personal standards

· Focus on gains not losses

6. Preventative Planning

· Appoint Powers of Attorney for both medical and financial needs

· Make your wishes known to you family

· Implement minimal care to reduce substantial care later

· Engage in preventative therapies while you are still eligible

Always remember, independent living is not doing things by yourself,  it is being in control of how things are done.

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