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Honorary Life Membership

One of our bylaws states that ”An Honorary Life Membership may be bestowed by the Management Committee, on the recommendation of the Past Presidents' Committee, upon an existing member of the Club who has given outstanding service to the Probus Club of Kitchener-Waterloo.”   We can have 6 Honorary Members at any one time. Before the September meeting we had 2 members holding this distinction – Doug Bean and Gord Ferguson. At the September meeting it was our pleasure to see two more member inducted with this honour.

Thanks to Bill Trotter for his comments on our 2 new Honorary Members.

Glenn Machan.

Glenn has given much to the development of the Club since he joined in 1990.  While not a charter member, he added greatly to the development of the Club, quickly taking part in all the managerial activities, culminating in being President in 1995-96.  During this time and subsequently, he was responsible for much of the Club's printing needs, whether tickets or directory, etc.  

He insured that the various committees ran smoothly and efficiently, always continuing to build and enhance the Club.  If work of any nature was needed he was always available to assist.  His friendly manner was most helpful to both members and non-members.  He received his 20 year pin in 2010.  His ability to mediate was most appreciated on several occasions.  

Don Grant.

Members on the Management committee have never worked with a person more dedicated to Probus than Don Grant.  Don was responsible for originating our Probus website, which came as an offshoot of his being Editor of our Probuzz newsletter.  The website stores all past copies of Probuzz, 'Who am I' presentations, etc.  Don was a member of the Management Committee for five years in his capacity as Editor of Probuzz.  Probuzz was Don's crowning achievement for the Club.  It is mainly due to his fine work that we now have such an excellent Club newsletter.  Don has now started a new club, the computer club, which is always well attended by several members.  Incidentally, this is the very first nomination by the Past-Pres. Committee for Honourary Membership to a member who is not a Past Pres. of the Club.

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