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Treasurer, Andrew Beamish, presenting the Financial Report

At the AGM Andrew Beamish was asked why the amount for Member Service's was so high. Here is a detailed breakdown of the expenses:

3 Presidential Plaques     $ 337.80

Printing Directories            292.30

Name Badges                    227.13

Lapel Pins                         112.50

Photo album, prints           100.47

Cash Box, copies, domain

registration                         52.23

Total                            $1,122.43

As you can see, some items included catch-up for past years, and others included outlay for future years.

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At the September Meeting the “Who Am I?” is replaced by the Annual General Meeting. Here are some pictures, highlighting the event.

Outgoing President, Eric Broadhurst, addressing the group.

Eric receiving his Past- President's plaque from Brian

Incoming President, Brian Hendley, makes some remarks.

Willard Ellis receiving his 20 year pin.

2012 -2013 Managment Committee

Front Row: Andrew Beamish, Eric Braodhurst, Brian Hendley, Don Blain, and Bruce Hannah

Back Row: Ross Scheifley, Ray Millard, Paul Kett, Ron Charie, Vern Hall, Ray Cloutier, John Williams, and Dolf Bogad

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