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Printing New ProBuzz

Some members have had problems printing ProBUZZ from the website. Here's the best available solution.
This applies to issues beginning January 2014 only. For earlier issues use the Print Edition available.
Some of this has been caused by the pages in he new issues actually being pictures of the pages
that created them.

1. Use Googles Chrome browser to open the website. If you don't have it on your computer get it by doing a
search for "Chrome browser download". You will be taken to a page offering Chrome for Windows or Mac depending on your
operating system. Follow the instructions for downloading.

2. Use the Navigation Bar at left to open the issue you wish to print.

3. All pages of the issue, plus its slide show, will appear in a vertical row.

4. Use your Print command.

5. You'll see a window looking like this.

Note that it proposes to print all five pages. As the fifth page contains a slide show
which cannot be printed, enter 1-4 in the box below 'All', if the size of the picture
of the page suits you. Then click the Print using system dialog  link to proceed.

If you want to print a larger page, without the heading and Navigation bar click Cancel.
That takes you back to the first page of the issue again.
Now, just click on that page.
That takes you to a larger window with just that page, looking like this.

Now command Print to bring up the Print window, like this.

You're going to get a larger picture on the page, however, note that only 1 page is to be printed,
the one you selected by clicking on it.

Next, you must select and print the other pages, one at a time.