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September '11

Tuesday 30 Aug 2011

Intelligent Robotic Solutions to Real World Problems

Mike Peasgood

Mike is,VP Engineering and  one of the founders of Aeryon Labs.  There was an article about the company and their product in the August 24, 2011 Record.  The company has 25 talented people who work as engineers, sales people, operations staff and support team.  The company’s goal is  

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to apply their passion for robotics and entrepreneurship to building a profitable business venture.

Key principles that are the foundation of the company are:

· Do what you love

·  Enable individuals to achieve their maximum potential and personal goals

·  Have fun

·  Build a great team environment where people want to come to work

·  Make money

· Solve real-world problems

· Exceed expectations of customers and partners

Aeryon Labs designs and sells easy-to-use aerial intelligence systems for professional, industrial, and military applications. The systems solve real-world problems by providing:

·  short-range aerial support to military troops on the ground

·  aerial imagery to police to find cannabis in corn fields.

·  covert aerial surveillance systems to SWAT teams


The solution that Aeryon developed is The Aeryon Scout Aerial Surveillance Platform.  It is a small autonomous hovering aerial vehicle that allows untrained operators to capture high resolution aerial video and still photos. The Aeryon Scout is unique because it:

·  is “Ridiculously easy to use”

·  Flies in rain and 50-70 kph winds

·  Long-range (3km) control of multiple vehicles with multiple observers

Aeryon Labs is a growing company.  They are building strategic relationships with worldwidesales channels.  They are organically growing a motivated and engaged team.  They are developing the next generation systems to maintain a technology competitive advantage.

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