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Bruce Hannah

I was born in Greenock Scotland in 1953.  Greenock was a shipbuilding town, and had been building ships since the 1600's. Greenock was on the river Clyde about 20 miles south west of Glasgow, where the Clyde widened to about 4 or 5 miles across. It was during the 2nd World War that the allied conveys left to go out in the Atlantic. Because of this it was heavily bombed during the war. In my backyard growing up we had a bomb shelter, which when I was a kid was a gang hut for us kids. My Dad sailed out of Greenock in the merchant navy on benzene tankers headed for Murmask and Archangel in northern Russia, with tank fuel for the Russia front. They would hope for bad weather, as this would keep the U-Boats away, they must have been crazy, but you never heard him complain, he was doing his job. !

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I attended primary school in a school built in 1875, my one memory was the boys washroom had no roof, and moss grew on the walls. I guess you didn't miss any class time going to the washroom. I attended Greenock High School from 65 to 69. Those were filled with happy school day memories. I played soccer for the school team, and cricket and tennis in the summer months. I also started to notice the attractive girls in their short field hockey outfits. 

Religion was also part of my upbringing, in the Irish side of the West of Scotland, which I am glad I left behind. It also made me very aware of why we have so much trouble in our World all caused by what people use in the name of their God to create. When all it really creates is hatred and bigotry not what anyone’s God would want. 

Anyway it was the summer of "69", and not knowing what to do I got a job at a local bank. A about a year later a new lady arrive at the bank, and they asked me to train her. She was a little older than me and at that age 9 months means a lot. She was impossible, wouldn't do what I told her, she never listened. We were juniors, which meant we made the tea. After a few months working in the kitchen, we were making more than the tea. So we started to date and a year later we got engaged.

In the 70's banks around the world were still looking for those British bankers. So we looked around and went with Royal


Bank of Canada, they offered the most money. So at 21 we got married, just kids, but we couldn't live in sin, we were Church of Scotland, John Knox would not have approved. My first posting was
Oakville, then Guelph, Burlington, Cambridge and then K-W. By that time it was 1985 and we felt like nomads, 5 cities in 11 years. It was a great excuse not to put done roots. I am glad we have been able to stay in K-W for the past 26 years.

Jumping back to 1979, we had our only child, daughter Jennifer, who lives in Woodbridge, married to her public school sweetheart for the past 8 years. No grandchildren just a grand-dog. With me being in the banking world for 42 years, and my wife with RBC for almost 30 years, what do you think she does. You guessed it, she works for a bank for the last 9 years, and loving it.!

I presently work for Scotiabank, doing financial/ debt planning.  What has kept me in this vocation is simple. I truly believe that I have helped thousands of people and families find their way through life, and I have helped them achieve their goals, or even set some goals for themselves.

And by the way, remember the young chick, that I tried to train back in1970, she still lives with me as my wife, still impossible to train, and still doesn't do what she's told. Still a work in progress.  

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