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This past year as President of the Probus Club of Kitchener-Waterloo was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Worst with the death of three valuable members : Eric Broadhurst, Robert Fisher, and Carl Kaufman. I especially felt the loss of Eric as Past-President. He had told me at the AGM last year that the toughest part of the job of being Club President was having to read the obits in the morning paper to see if any of our members had died. Little did any of us suspect that one of these would be Eric himself.

Best of times in that we had a wonderful lunch to celebrate our 25th anniversary (thanks to Swain Van Camp and his committee) and were able to make a one-time donation of $5000 to KidsAbility to start their much-needed Therapy Store (thanks to the efforts of Ray Millard). I've been told that business is brisk on the sale of items specially designed to help kids with disabilities and that this model of 

Ron Ridegway receiving his 20 year pin from President Brian.

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a therapy store has already spread to other KidsAbility Centres. We also ran a scenic Fall colours tour, a highly competitive car rally, had a sumptuous Xmas dinner, as well as ten interesting speakers, and our usual surprising "Who Am I's?" throughout the year. Add to that we've had a steady stream of what John Williams has called "feeble jokes" as the spirit moved us at our monthly meetings. 

The Management Committee was a real blessing. Each individual brought his own special skills to the tasks at hand, as well as contributed to the efficient overall management of the Club. I want to especially thank John Williams for his organizational talents in dealing with new members, Dolf Bogard for his excellent photography and his hard-work at keeping us up to date on our club history, Ray Millard for running a very successful program committee, and Bruce Hannah for taking on various projects above and beyond the call of duty. Paul Kett handled Health and Visitation with compassion. Jim Bowman helped to fill the gap caused by Eric's passing and provided needed wisdom


Front Row: Andrew Beamish, Brian Hendley, Don Blain, Bruce Hannah, Ray Millard 
Back Row: Chuck Thompson, Paul Kett, Ray Cloutier, Vern Hall, Alan Couglin, Bob Schmidt
Absent: Gordon Coyne, Doug Woodley 

and help as a Past-President. Ray Cloutier and his team ensured that our meetings ran well with working mikes and coffee flowing. Vern Hall did an outstanding job publishing Pro-Buzz. Don Grant continues to run our web-site which I have heard is the envy of every other Probus club in our district. Andrew Beamish managed to make the budget 
numbers clear and comprehensible and Ron Charie's minutes were often better than the meetings they recorded. Don Blain is now battle-tested and ready to take over as President. 

Our membership numbers are holding steady and we have created a number of thriving special interest groups. The best way to fully enjoy the fellowship the Club provides is, of course, to get involved. Little did I imagine 5 years ago , when I sat at a table in the back of the room and hawked 50/50 tickets , that I would become part of a management team that we can all be proud of. As I like to tell my wife when I take on some new project like this, there's still fire in the belly, May that be true of all of you in the coming year. It has been my privilege to serve as your President this past year.

Brian Hendley receiving his Past President's plaque from incoming president Don Blain.

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